Claire was born in a small town south of Québec City in Quebec, Canada. She achieved her College Degree in Quebec City.

She and her husband live in the Montreal area.  

Claire is a loyal fan of the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team and has been for many years. 

It's been a three year adventure to complete this book, her first: Terra Cotta. A second and a third are in the work.


    Professionnal diver, Marcel Robillard has visited apporximately 400 shipwrecks during his career. He was fascinated by the history of those long forgotten vessels. This fascination soon led him down an entirely unexpected path: the discorery of his own past lives, which he reveals to us with disconcerting certainty.

    ''Do you believe that past lives can affect your present life? Possibly you will find more than just an adventure in these books...

    The answer to this question may astound you. My own experiences will shed a light that will guide you in your own exploration.''

Claire Hamelin Manning

Marcel Robillard

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