The will of Sam wilcox



Chapter 1 Westmount, Montreal

Chapter 2 Alexandra's life takes an unexpected turn

Chapter 3 To the Wilcox & Associates Firm

Chapter 4 The Will

Chapter 5 Additional information from Mr. Karce

Chapter 6 Five years later

Chapter 7 The unexpected call from Colin

Chapter 8 The reveal

Chapter 9 A decision has to be made

Chapter 10 The Foundation Building

Chapter 11 More necessary discussion with Colin

Chapter 12 At Mr. Karce office

Chapter 13 Can you drop everything and do this with me?

Chapter 14 Our first task

Chapter 15 The opening of the Foundation

Chapter 16 At the deputy's office

Chapter 17 Lucie was typing along

Chapter 18 Before the Committee

Chapter 19 An unexpected surprise at the Foundation

Chapter 20 Mrs Tremblay called me

Chapter 21 The big day finally arrived

Chapter 22 A visit at Mr. Karce's office

Chapter 23 Japan

Chapter 24 Japan the beautiful contry

Chapter 25 Our return home

Chapter 26 So far, so good

Chapter 27 something special happening to me

Chapter 28 The investigation and the findings

Chapter 29 I have completed everything

Chapter 30 We carried on

Note from the author

End's note

Hi, this is my story. I decided to write it in a book format so that I could share it. It is a story like no other; I call my story: The will of Sam Wilcox. I am in my fifties and decided with Colin, my husband, to make this story known. We have so far had an exciting life together and I am glad to share this with you.


Alexandra Thompson

Chapter 1 Westmount, Montreal

After paying the cab driver his fare, Lucie closes the cab door in front of a beautiful condo tower surrounded by red and orange maple trees. She walks towards the tower, making sure that she is at the right address Miss Alexandra Thompson had given her. 


Chapter 4 The Will

Here Miss Thompson. Here is Sam Wilcox’s will for you to read.  

“Hello Alexandra,

If you are reading my will, it means that you are still alive and doing well, I hope. I am Sam Wilcox who provided you with my services as a lawyer for your dedication to this great cause. I am sure you are, at the moment, very surprised that I have chosen you to be my sole heir but the following will explain my reasons:

I need you to do a few favours for me and in exchange, I am giving you 100M$.  The amount will be given to you when you have accomplished every single request that I am making in this letter. After completing these, one by one, you will receive the money from Mr. Mike Karce.

You are being provided the wherewithal to enable you to take a leave of absence from anything you are currently doing for the duration of the time needed to complete these tasks. It is, I believe, a reasonable amount for all necessary needs during this endeavour.

Here are the conditions I have put in place in order for you to receive the funds I have bequeathed to you. Since my retirement, I have engaged myself in working towards making changes in the areas of animal cruelty and finding the real reasons and individuals behind the increase of dangerous drugs that are being more and more prescribed resulting in increased bad side effects and more often deaths, including continuously expanding the drugging of young people and the elderly.  

I have lost friends due to prescription drugs given to them by doctors to handle physical illnesses. Some of these drugs have not been fully tested or the adverse effects covered up and they pose a great danger to those who take them. This is happening more and more often and has gotten to a point where it presents a large problem in our health field.

Mike will be at your service in order to get the legal actions taken. While he has been a very good friend of mine, he will also be paid for doing things; do not worry about using his services at any time.  Mike has all the documents sealed in a safe in his office. These are your instructions:

1- As I used the service of a private investigator, you are to go to the provincial legislature and submit these documents for me. This is a major proposal that I feel will be approved regarding the enforcing of this anti animal cruelty bill that has been accumulating dust on desks for many years. The bill can be revived with this document and I am confident that you will be pleased to read and then submit to the present government. My arguments and proofs are very good and will make a solid case for you.

2- Once successfully submitted, you are to get with your government representative and get his agreement to get this bill approved as a law. The purpose of this law is to make it illegal for anyone to own puppy mills anywhere in the province and the actual pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are, upon approval and activation, prohibited to use their services. If this gets violated, the results can include the closing of their research facilities. The end result will be that you’ll have solid laws in place with many animals’ lives saved.

I have seen lots of signed petitions to get these companies to cease committing these unbelievable cruelties and they have not changed a thing. Now, I am giving you the possibility you’ve been looking for.

3- I want you to create your own animal protection Foundation. Here is the information for it, I have enclosed $50,000 plus the services of a web designer along with the address of the building I have bought under your name in Old Montreal. Everything is ready for you, all furniture; all the I.T.1 is installed with the latest imaginable security services that I have also paid for the next 10 years services. The taxes and community services are also paid once a year for the next 10 years.

You can hire up to 5 persons to administer your Foundation. The salaries are also covered and are indexed to the current cost of living. The purpose of your Foundation is to provide the care and services for the animals of your choice. You have a great 10,000 square foot building that you can use for shelters, hospitalization and adoption service to the city and the province.

I have unfortunately realized that the majority of the existing groups euthanize more animals than they save. Most of the money is being pocketed towards the individuals running the place than providing the necessary care of these animals.

So, do not trust them, they have the same agenda being financed by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies who use these animals they pretend to save for their next fragrance, make up, shampoo, lipsticks, their best cat and dog food and drugs. This is all covertly done.

4- Regarding the Media ...

In your life, have you ever wished to inherit a huge sum of money?

How much effort would you be willing to put in to obtain it?

Are you affected by the cruel treatment of animals?

See how Alexandra takes on the challenge. Does she succeed?

Read the book and find out.

2 hours of captivating reading.

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